Lapland Golf Club

~ Closed until Advent 2024 ~

Welcome to the club

Here we’ll display your golf scores.

Contact your local club president if you’d like to join or attach your portrait. These scores will update automatically, so long as you & other players keep your .scorecard file up to date!

Click on a row name to display the player’s solution, or their name to view their scorecard & solution repository!

How to play

Put a .scorecard file in the directory you’ll be golfing from & fill it out as you go. Here is an example for a fictional player named Keeper.

Within your .scorecard you’ll list your submissions in a format like below, lines beginning with @ or // or # are ignored:

@ Bogstandard
# Awaiting the frost
Day One: scorekeeper.test
Day Two: example-day/example-file.test

Then provide your local club president with a link to your .scorecard in your public repository & they’ll do the rest! Your .scorecard doesn’t need to be in the same repository as the club!

How do I establish my own club?

Read the Club readme for more information.

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